BREAKING: Mass shooting at Illinois Parade

BREAKING: Mass shooting at Illinois Parade

By: Yehuda Alter 

A heartbreaking tragedy is unfolding in Illinois, as a gunman unleashed yet another mass shooting at a Fourth of July Parade, just as it was getting started. 

According to reports, there may be Jewish victims among the fatalities. 

Yet, a silver lining in this tragedy is the safe evacuation of a group of Lubavitch bachurim who were at a tefillin stand at the site of the parade. 

“My son is at the Highland Park, IL July 4th parade running a tefillin stand when an active shooter opened fire. He just called to say that he's safe, BH. Apparently, he was a block away from the shooting and as soon as it started he safely evacuated to the Chabad House,” tweeted Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov, a Shliach to the area. 

The local chabad yeshiva also participates in the parade every year with a float that disseminates messages of Yiddishkeit. Their float was about to embark on the parade when the shooting broke out. They were also, thankfully, able to evacuate safely. 

But this was not the extent of Chabad's assistance on this horrific day, as many people fleeing the shooting took shelter at the Chabad House, located only four blocks from the parade route. 

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