Brooklyn Crime Drops by 16%, According to a New Report

Brooklyn Crime Drops by 16%, According to a New Report

By Yehudit Garmaise

While NYC residents feel fearful about the violence that persists in their neighborhoods, NY Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has released a new report that shows that crime in Brooklyn is declining at a faster rate than in the rest of the city.

While crime has been declining citywide by 9%, in Brooklyn crime has decreased by 16% in recent months, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso said Monday.

"We are really getting safer," Reynoso said on “Ask the Borough President” this month.

When Reynoso was asked about the fear and worry residents feel after a 24-year-old man was murdered on 40th Street and 14th Avenue on May 14, the Borough President said, “It is absolutely concerning.”

“The crime that folks are seeing: it is real,” Reynoso said after he was asked about another Brooklyn man, Albert Yusupov was stabbed while packing up his car for a family trip.

 “You can feel it in your neighborhood. There is some tension, but we have just noticed in DiNapoli’s report that crime is declining at a faster rate in Brooklyn than in the rest of the city.

“It doesn’t mean that people don’t feel fear about the crimes that do happen."

Criminals are perpetrating stabbings and other unusually cruel and upsetting ways to take people’s lives, Reynoso lamented.

“I understand the pain, and I want to make sure we acknowledge it and express empathy for it.

“But when we look at the numbers, we are actually getting safer by the month, and I am encouraged by that.”

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