COJO Tours PCT. 120 and Thanks NYPD for Their Dedicated Service

COJO Tours PCT. 120 and Thanks NYPD for Their Dedicated Service

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, Mendy Mirocznik, president, Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations (COJO) and Ari Weiss, COJO security chairman and coordinator Staten Island Shomrim met with Inspector Tania Kinsella, commanding officer, Pct. 120 to discuss important security matters and to thank the NYPD for their heroic service during the pandemic. The meeting culminated in a tour of Pct. 120 and greeting the officers by their daily roll call.

Inspector Kinsella commented that, “covid brought out the best in people and that Staten Islanders met the challenges caused by covid. The coming together, unity and helping each other during this dark period is truly historic. It was civic organizations such as COJO which provided a helping hand, be it with distributing food, PPE or other resources that made the difference. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mendy Mirocznik and Ari Weiss, the COJO leadership team and catching up on the past and planning for the future. Thank you COJO, we look forward to our continued friendship, collaboration and partnership as we return to a normal world.”

Mendy Mirocznik, president of COJO stated, “the NYPD is an important ally and partner in building a better Staten Island. We appreciate Inspector Kinsella’s friendship and constant support and encouragement. Whether it was food distributions or resolving security issues, Inspector Kinsella and the NYPD are always available and pitch in anyway they can. It is more then traffic control, it is more then helping to pack and distribute food packages, it is knowing and having the knowledge that the NYPD is a backbone and pillar of the Staten Island community and their objective is building relationships, trust, and confidence. I must say how pleased we are at COJO that Ari Weiss, chairman of the COJO Security Committee and coordinator of the Staten Island Shomrim has coordinated, collaborated, and worked together with the NYPD through the toughest and most difficult days of Covid. This communication, transparency and partnership has given the community trust and confidence knowing that the NYPD cares. It demonstrated how community working hand in hand with the NYPD is the key in having a safe community who have trust in the NYPD.”

At the rollcall Mirocznik stressed how COJO, “respects, acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of the fine police officers who delt with the sharp reality of Covid and its aftermath. The police were determined no matter what the obstacle was to get the job done. To their credit, the NYPD, despite a reality that was cold to law enforcement throughout the pandemic, the NYPD and its officers did not forget the public who they faithfully serve. They served the public who places their trust and relies on them at all hours. It is this important commitment and dedication to public safety which will always be cherished and fondly remembered in our minds and hearts. The image of a police officer rolling up their sleeves and being there for us at the height of the pandemic is etched in our memory and for this reason alone we are grateful. We pray that the Al-mighty shield our officers and keeps them our of harms way. We pray that the officers return every day safe to their families. Thank you, NYPD, because behind every badge there is a caring person who truly dares to care and wants one thing only to make a difference.”  

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