Communicated: Dr. Zelenko Was There For Us, Now It’s Our Chance to Give

Communicated: Dr. Zelenko Was There For Us, Now It’s Our Chance to Give

Dr. Zelenko made headlines for his often controversial stance on COVID 19, and was a guiding voice for tens of thousands afflicted, as well as their families. 

A kind and soft man by nature, Dr Zelenko leaves behind scores of friends, family, patients and colleagues who have come to know and love him over the years. 

Dr. Zelenko and his family have exhausted all their financial resources in his final months, as medical bills continued to pile up. 

Today, you have the opportunity to be there for Dr. Zelenko’s family in their time of need, as they attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. 

A fund has been established, and is endorsed by many community dignitaries and Rabbis, to help ease the financial burden on Dr. Zelenko’s family. 

We must come together in support of his 8 children, who are now tragically orphaned. 


Please open your hearts and donate generously.

This campaign is endorsed by the following Rabbis and dignitaries:

Mr. Levy Appel, Monroe, NY

Mr. Dov Landa, Primary care, Pomona NY

Rabbi Yossi Lowenbein, Pomona, NY

Mr. Eli Steimentz Pomona, NY

Rabbi Naftali Marrus Pomona, NY

Dr. Dov Markowitz, Monroe, NY

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