Culinary Corner: The Perfect Quinoa Salad

Culinary Corner: The Perfect Quinoa Salad

By Chana Horowitz

Are you looking for some healthy but tasty food after all the Chanukah parties? This scrumptious and light salad will leave you feeling satisfied. Try it and then we'll talk.... 


1 sweet potato diced

2 boxes fresh portobello mushrooms sliced

1 can chickpeas 

1 box fresh spinach leaves 

1/2 cup quinoa 

Corn nuts to garnish

Preheat oven 350

Cook the quinoa as per bag instructions. 

Put mushrooms and sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet, sprinkle salt and oil and bake for half-hour. Take out the mushrooms leave sweet potatoes till it’s a bit crispy. 

In a bowl put the fresh spinach once the quinoa, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms are cooled add to bowl.

Add about half a can of chickpeas and corn nuts and mix. 

Sprinkle oil, salt, and pepper, and enjoy!

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