Cuomo Announces that New York’s COVID State of Emergency Ends Tomorrow

Cuomo Announces that New York’s COVID State of Emergency Ends Tomorrow

by Yehudit Garmaise

     Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that New York’s COVID-19 state of emergency expires tomorrow.

     “Fighting COVID and vaccinating New Yorkers are still top priorities, but the emergency chapter of this fight is over,” Gov. Cuomo said.

     Looking back, the governor said, “We were on the brink of catastrophe and chaos, but now we can get back to life. We can get out and enjoy New York.”

     But for New Yorkers to stay home throughout the pandemic, the governor pointed out, “a lot of people had to put their lives in danger: to drive the bus and drive the train and be exposed to hundreds of people, in this time of fear and chaos.

     “The essential workers are not the highest-paid people in society, but they rose to the occasion many times.”

     To express his deep gratitude, on Labor Day 2021, Gov. Cuomo will be opening a Circle of Heroes monument, comprised of 19 maple trees that in a circle and represent 19 groups of essential workers, in Battery Park City, "a beautiful, peaceful spot" that is within view of the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor.

     In the middle of the circle, the governor said, “will be an eternal flame that says, ‘Your spirit is still alive in us and in our souls, we will never forget, and we are eternally gratefully for what you did.’”

     “People had to step forward and find their better selves.”

     The monument will also include a quote that was written by New York Times reporter Jim Dwyer, who passed away during COVID, and who wrote, “In the time to come, when we are all gone, people not yet born will walk in the sunshine of their own days because of what women and men did at this hour to feed the sick, to heal, and to comfort.”

(Photo by: Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

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