Cuomo Blames Trump for Coronavirus, Says He’s Lying to Americans

Cuomo Blames Trump for Coronavirus, Says He’s Lying to Americans

Cuomo believes the U.S. should hit the reset button on the entire country and begin with telling Americans the truth.

During a press conference Monday, Cuomo said Health professionals have suggested that the only way to liberate the country from the coronavirus is to shut down all states and start over. However, he went further to say that it can only happen if the president stops lying and is honest with the people.

He said that from the beginning, Trump had downplayed the severity of COVID-19, sending out the wrong message. Without understanding how dangerous and catchy the virus is, people have repeatedly disregarded safety guidelines and precautions.

New York got ambushed with the coronavirus, other states had six months to prepare, and they failed to do so because, as Cuomo said, the president did not warn them.

The pandemic veered into a political battle, republicans against democrats, states who took precaution against states who did not, blue against red. According to Cuomo, it isn’t about that; it’s about protecting the country’s health, he said, “COVID is not a political issue, and it should not have been politicized.” 

Cuomo said the way some states handled the crisis was a “colossal blunder,” he blames Trump for creating a passive mindset towards the virus. He said it’s time to “trust the American people, tell them the truth, and if you can’t, you shouldn’t be their leader.”

In New York State numbers are at a new low, hospitalizations are down to 536, ICU patients down to 136, 62 new intubations, and on Sunday, there were only three deaths recorded.

It is vital to continue to comply with the rules, over the weekend, the Task Force observed 3,047 establishments and are issuing violations to 106 of them.

At the end of this week, Cuomo will announce his decision for the reopening of schools in the fall. As of now, he said every district is required to construct a plan that will need to be approved but said parents would determine the deciding factor because they are the ones who need to feel comfortable. He has advised all schools to keep parents involved in decisions and updates so that they can knowingly assess the situation and proceed with security.

Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

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