DSNY Supervisor Swipes Pedestrian and Leaves the Scene

DSNY Supervisor Swipes Pedestrian and Leaves the Scene

BY: Boropark24 staff 

A Boro Park woman is shaken up, but safe, this afternoon after being swiped by a car driven by a supervisor for the sanitation department. 

The incident occurred at the intersection of 58th Street and 15th Avenue around 9:30 in the morning. The vehicle was turning leftward onto fifteenth avenue, and the woman was crossing the street—which gives her the right of way. 

“I saw him, he saw me, we made eye contact… and he just kept on driving,” the traumatized woman tells Boropark24. “He kept on driving even after he sideswiped me, barely acknowledging that he hit me,” she said. “He never stopped, and he never got out to inquire if I was OK. If I was any weaker or older, I would definitely have been thrown to the ground.” 

The woman has retained the services of an attorney, and is looking into pursuing legal action. 

Update 2:15pm:

"We put a great emphasis on safety and are disturbed by this video. We are investigating the matter, and will take appropriate measures," Assured Vincent Gragnani from the DSNY after being notified about the incident. 

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