Egg Prices Are on the Rise Again

Egg Prices Are on the Rise Again

M.C. Millman

Egg prices which went up 49% in 2022, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are going up again. 

Since the highly contagious avian flu reduced poultry flocks in February, prices have steadily risen due to increased feed and energy costs for producers and continued high demand in the supermarket.

As of last week, "prices have been escalating for nine consecutive weeks... setting new record highs on a daily basis since the week of Thanksgiving," Karyn Rispoli, editor of the Egg Price Current for Urner Barry shared, according to ABC7. "There's simply not been enough production to support the incredibly strong retail demand we've seen this year."

Supplies continue to be constrained by the deadly bird flu.

In Boro Park, a dozen eggs sell for $6.79 in some local groceries.

"This year, we've continued to see flock depopulations throughout the entire year, and there's an expectation that we'll continue to see it into 2023." He said he expects "we're going to see a tight supply situation and elevated pricing environment moving forward."

Although experts claim the peak has passed, none of the troubling conditions have improved, leaving egg prices at record highs due to the supply shortage of eggs.

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