Erev Pesach Junior Chef: Banana Pops

Erev Pesach Junior Chef: Banana Pops

Junior Chefs will go bananas for this recipe. Perfect kid-friendly snack for the Pesadika home through Pesach and beyond.

You will need:



Chopped nuts

Skewers or pops

Step-by-Step instructions:

Step #1: In a double boiler melt your chocolate until smooth.

Step #2: Peel your bananas and cut them in two.

Step #3: Push ur skewer or pop stick into the banana from the flat side

Step #4: Place your melted chocolate into a plastic bag and make a small hole on the bottom.

Start to drizzle chocolate across ur banana and top it with ur choice of chopped nuts.

Step #5: Place in freezer overnight, Eat and enjoy! 

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