Exclusive Account: Ukraine Refugee Family from Uman Lands in Boro Park

 By: Boropark24 staff

 It was busy on Erev Shabbos in Boro Park when one Yid took note of a tall man with very long payos collecting money in the moments before shabbos.

 He asked him where he was from—and it turned out that he is a recent arrival, along with his wife and five children, from Uman Ukraine. The man immediately invited him for the Friday night seuda, and arranged for a friend to have them on Shabbos morning.

 “About one year ago, we moved to Ukraine, where I worked long hours every day for organizations dedicated to preserving the sanctity of Jewish cemeteries throughout the country,” Reb Ahron Atias told BoroPark24.

 He watched in horror as bombs fell near the tziyun of Rebbe Nachman, and within a short time, the supplies dried up. Groceries were not to be had, and shops closed up for lack of anything to sell.

 “We decided that we need to get out of there. There was just one problem; there was no money, and no cars. We went to the tziyun of Rebbe Nachman, and we poured out our hearts…”

 Within days, askonim arranged for a convoy to leave the country—a project that involves no small amount of danger.

 “All the families packed into one large bus, and four mini buses, for the eighteen-hour journey to Kerestir, Hungary. There, we were welcomed by Reb Moshe Yosef Friedlander (known as “ish Kerestier”), who helped us get to America through Switzerland (another fifteen-hour journey), had visas for America, and this is how we landed here, a few days ago.”  

 “Whatever we have, we left behind—taking only the bare minimum with us,” says R’ Aaron, with an ever-present smile, despite the suffering and the worry. “Whoever wishes to help our family, blessings be upon him.”

 Anyone who would like to get in touch with the family may do so at 929-275-1579.

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