FAA Lifts Order to Ground All Southwest Airlines Flights

FAA Lifts Order to Ground All Southwest Airlines Flights

By Yehudit Garmaise

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted its order to ground all Southwest Airlines flights nationwide, after the airline explained that it had resolved its “intermittent technology issues.” 

The only Southwest flights now to remain on hold are those arriving at Dallas Love Field Airport, said the FAA, which added other flights may continue to be delayed.

Southwest’s problems with what a spokesperson called “equipment issues” arrived just four months after the airline canceled 16,700 flights, which accounted for approximately half of the airline’s scheduled flights between December 20 and 29, 2022, due to changes in “staff scheduling computer systems,” CNN reported.

In March, Southwest said it created an “action plan” to prevent the airline from having to cancel so many flights again, however on Tuesday morning, the flight tracking website FlightAware reported that nearly 2,500 of Southwest’s flights, or 30% of the airline’s scheduled takeoffs, were delayed.

After several Southwest travelers complained on social media about their delayed flights, the airline responded by writing, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re hoping to get everyone going ASAP.” 

photo credit: Flickr

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