Former Rep. Max Rose Decides not to Run for Mayor of New York City

Former Rep. Max Rose Decides not to Run for Mayor of New York City

By Yehudit Garmaise

    Although former Rep. Max Rose, (D) had previously filed paperwork with the city’s Campaign Finance Board to begin fundraising to run for mayor, today, Rose tweeted that “after serious consideration, I will not be running for mayor of New York this year.”

    Rose then criticized the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio for not representing the working people of New York City. “The next mayor can’t just balance the budget, [but] he or she must build a social contract that leaves no one behind.”

   Rose’s idea to “leave no one behind” continues a theme of the final speech he gave in the chamber of the House of Representative on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

  “In light of recent electoral results,” said 34-year-old Rose, who lost his seat to 40-year-old Nicole Malliotakis, (R), who was a member of the state Assembly and who ran for mayor herself in 2017, “some [Democrats] have begun to wonder whether Democrats should soft pedal the fight for equal justice.

   “I am here to say: Absolutely not! Justice cannot wait.

   “If you aren’t willing to risk everything to build a better country than you do not belong here in the first place.”

   “Across the five boroughs,” Rose tweeted today, “no one believes that City Hall is on side of the working class.”

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