Get Warm and Cozy this Winter, While Keeping Heating Costs Down

Get Warm and Cozy this Winter, While Keeping Heating Costs Down

By Yehudit Garmaise

As the air cools off, we might consider turning on the heat at night for the first time in many months, however, heating costs are expected to rise by more than 17% since last winter, Brooklyn News 12 reported.

By taking a few small measures, however, New Yorkers can save big by the time their heating bills arrive.

The first thing Boro Parkers should do is to head down to their basements and turn down their water heaters to 120 degrees, which will result in warm, but not scalding hot showers, Janice Lieberman, News12’s consumer reported. 

Residents can also consider reducing the time that they spend in the shower to save on heating expenses.

Furnaces heat and distribute air through houses and apartments via ducts that are covered by filters that need to be replaced at least once a year.

Dirty furnace filters cause furnaces to work harder than they should and require more energy due to decreases in airflow,” explained 

Plus, the harder your furnace works, the quicker its parts will wear out and need repairs, the furnace repair site explained. 

A great way to reduce heating costs is to simply better weatherproof your home so that cold air does not have openings in which to enter.

Inspect and replace weather stripping on all doors and windows, suggested Lieberman, who reminded residents to “keep hot air inside and cold air from seeping in.”

Just as we try to keep the drapes closed in the summer to keep out the heat, in the winter, we should keep our curtains open during the day, while the sun is strong, “to grab the heat,” Lieberman said.

At night, make sure to close all the curtains to keep in the warmth.

Ceiling fans can be turned on in the winter to better circulate the warm air.

Finally, make sure your thermostat is not set too high: no higher than 68 degrees.

As the leaves turn the colors of fire, bundle up in warm clothing, get out cozy blankets, and stay toasty and comfortable at home without breaking the bank.

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