Got Unpaid Parking Tickets? NYC Launches Online Repayment Plan

Got Unpaid Parking Tickets? NYC Launches Online Repayment Plan

By Yehudit Garmaise

New Yorkers with unpaid parking tickets now can log in to create online payment plans to pay off debts in small amounts over the course of anywhere from one month to two years, the city’s Department of Finance (DOF) announced yesterday.

Once residents begin their payment plans to pay off their unpaid parking tickets, additional enforcement actions, such as booting or towing cars, can be avoided.

After providing a minimum 20% down payment, residents with $350 or more in unpaid parking tickets can select payment plans that span up to 24 months.

After providing a 50% down payment, New Yorkers $350 or less in tickets can select a 60-day payment plan.

People who earn lower incomes or who are experiencing financial hardships can sing up for smaller down payment amounts and longer-term payment plans.

Enrolling in a payment plan is easy, but only registered owners of the vehicle that was ticketed, owners’ court-appointed agents, and vehicles’ liable lessees can launch payment plans.

After logging on to the CityPay website, New Yorkers only need to enter their license plate numbers, review all unpaid tickets, and click their chosen payment plan options, reported.

But don’t try to skip entering any tickets because to open a payment plan, residents must agree to include all outstanding unpaid parking tickets.

“This administration is committed to clearing away the bureaucratic hurdles that make it harder and more time-consuming for New Yorkers to access basic city services,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “This new online payment plan will provide an easier and more seamless experience for those looking to pay off their parking tickets.”

The payment plans will make clearing parking ticket debt more manageable, but just like any postponement of payment, like credit card users who carry balances, in the long run, residents will end up paying more as a result of interest rates.

For instance, if you owe $1,000, and you choose a 24-month payment plan with 9% interest, you will end up paying a total of more than $1,100.

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