Gov. Hochul Says 2023 Budget “Puts More Money in New Yorkers’ Pockets, Provides More Safety”

Gov. Hochul Says 2023 Budget “Puts More Money in New Yorkers’ Pockets, Provides More Safety”

 By Yehudit Garmaise

 The 2023 New York state budget aims to “stop the assault on middle class families because they have suffered enough,” said Gov. Kathy Hochul, who announced that

the New York legislature has finalized its $220 billion budget, on which the legislature is expected to vote in the next couple of days.

 While Democrats and Republicans had widely varying views on many topics, Gov. Hochul, said she wanted to ensure that all disagreements would be communicated respectfully and collaboratively.

 “I wanted to be able to still call them not just my partners, but my friends,” said the governor, who has long spoke of “setting a new tone in Albany.”

 How and whether to make changes to bail reform was one of the largest sticking points in the budget negotiations, and Gov. Hochul announced how bail reform will be changed to better protect public safety.

 Now, before setting bail, judges will be able consider defendants’ histories of gun use and whether defendants pose dangers to others: an issue that especially relevant as the NYPD’s Neighborhood Safety Teams have been reporting that 70% of the perpetrators who are arrested with guns are repeat offenders.

 The new plan protects victims of domestic violence and hate crimes, for which police will be now allowed to make arrests.

 To “put more money in people’s pockets,” the governor announced that the state will be providing tax relief for middle class families and a new property tax credit for middle-income households: an investment of $2.2 million to help up to 6.1 million homeowners.

 As fuel prices continue to rise, Gov. Hochul announced that New York will suspend, from June 1 to Dec. 31, the state sales tax on fuel, which will result in $585 million in relief for working families and businesses across our state.

 The budget also provides a $250 million tax relief program that helps to offset the unforeseen and unexpected costs small businesses incurred during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Also, to help local restaurants, as soon as the budget is signed, the New York legislature will legalize the sale of to-go alcoholic drinks.

 The budget also includes a $25 billion five-year housing plan that will create and preserve more than 100,000 affordable homes: which includes 10,000 homes that include supportive mental health services for vulnerable populations.

 Emphasizing fiscal responsibility, the legislature raised the state operating funds that will be designated for savings from 4% to 15%, “If any cataclysmic event occurs, we cannot always rely on Washington, DC, to bail us out.”

 “This is policy in a budget,” said Gov. Hochul. “We are going to roll up our sleeves between now and the end of the session and work to [resolve] the issues that are important to people.”

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