Iconic Jumbo Jet, A380, to Return to the Skies Following Hiatus

Iconic Jumbo Jet, A380, to Return to the Skies Following Hiatus

By: Yehuda Alter 

Covid dealt a severe blow to the aviation industry, and record-high fuel prices are not helping. 

Nevertheless, the super jumbo Airbus A38–with its iconic double-decker seating— is making a return to the skies. 

As Covid made its descent throughout the world, demand plummeted, and the airlines sent these enormous jets for storage in locations throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

Now, as the demand goes up, and airlines are finding a shortage of newer models, the A380s are being reintroduced into the fleets. 

For the moment, four Asian airlines have announced this reintroduction. "Passengers, they love the plane and we have a lot of business class seats on it so it is a very good aircraft to fly on high-demand routes," Korean Air Lines Chief Executive Walter Cho said on the sidelines of an airline industry gathering in Doha. 

Due to strong demand and delays in deliveries, Lufthansa is also rethinking whether to bring back the A380, although the airline has only 14 pilots with current approval to fly them, Lufthansa Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said.

By de:Benutzer:Xeper - originally from de wikipedia; uploaded by de:Benutzer:Xeper;Quelle: Selbst fotografiert Toulouse 2005-01-19, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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