In His First Year in Office, Adams’ Efforts Start to Turn the Tide in NYC

In His First Year in Office, Adams’ Efforts Start to Turn the Tide in NYC

By Yehudit Garmaise 

“New York City isn’t just coming back: we’re back,” said Mayor Eric Adams, who touted the accomplishments of his first year in the office.

“Shootings and homicides are down by double digits, subway ridership is back at pre-pandemic levels, our hotels are filling back up, and tourists are piling back in by the millions.”

The NYPD's statistics back up Mayor Adams' claims that he is providing more public safety.

Compared to December 2021, for instance, shootings in the city have gone down by 17%, and homicides are down by 13.1%, when compared with last year at this time, Adams said.

This year, the NYPD has removed more than 7,000 illegal guns from the city’s streets and made over 4,500 gun arrests, the highest number of arrests the NYPD has made in 27 years.

In November, the number of major crimes dropped from where they were in November 2021, and subway crime dropped by 12.8% compared to last year, statistics that Adams used to prove that his, “efforts are working across the board.”

Other accomplishments of the Adams’ administration include securing $4 billion in the state budget for childcare for working families. The mayor cleared the childcare voucher waitlist to allow 36,000 additional families to apply for affordable and highly-subsidized childcare. 

In addition, the mayor does not just want to rid the city of its unintentional “pet rodents.” 

Still, when he announced a $14.5 million sanitation investment, he said the funds will into efforts to create, “cleaner, more welcoming city across all five boroughs, while targeting more than 1,000 areas that have long been neglected.”

When comparing the rates of litter basket collection in 2021, litter baskets on the street are now emptied approximately 50,000 more times per week citywide.

“New Yorkers are tired of seeing overflowing litter baskets, trash under overpasses, and an out-of-control rat population, so the Adams administration intends to deliver a more functional and more well-kept city for all,” he said.

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