Israeli and European-Style Trash Containers May be Coming to Boro Park

Israeli and European-Style Trash Containers May be Coming to Boro Park

by YS Gold 

The city’s sanitation department rolled out its Future of Trash report this month—which includes further steps in curbing the terrible rat infestation in the city, as well as an attempt for the city to get its act together in timely and frequent trash collection. 

A topic covered at length in the report is the city’s consideration of using shared metal containers in high-density neighborhoods, which would be stationed on city streets, keeping trash away from hungry rats, hopefully sending them packing.  

"[It’s] not just shared containers; it's also individual bins. We would use individual bins in low-density neighborhoods and in high-density neighborhoods shared containers," said Commissioner of the New York City Department of Sanitation Jessica Tisch.

Pilot programs will be launching in Harlem this fall, and more frequent pickups will come along with it. The success of the program may mean it will come to Boro Park in the coming months or years. 

However, the use of these various containers does not come without a cost. One issue is that that city would need to introduce an especially- designed fleet of sanitation trucks, with special handles that could lift them up, in order to collect trash from these bins. 

But even more concerning for many Boro Park residents is the removal of precious parking spaces which would be taken up by these metal containers. 

But the city insists that it is making an effort at effective waste management. Said Commissioner Tisch: “We deserve the best waste management system in the world, but it has to be done right. This report is the first serious step toward that goal.”

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