Kathy Hochul Wins Her First Full Term as Governor

Kathy Hochul Wins Her First Full Term as Governor

By Yehudit Garmaise

By a margin of just 5.4%, Gov. Kathy Hochul won the New York governor’s race last night.

By a difference of just 312,526 votes, Hochul will serve a full term as governor.

In a deep blue state in which 68% of voters are registered Democrats, pollsters are surprised by the 2,709,903 voters who supported US Rep. Lee Zeldin, as opposed to the 3,022,429 voters who kept Gov. Hochul in office.

“Tonight you made your voices heard loud and clear,” Gov. Hochul said when she claimed victory.

US Rep. Lee Zeldin, who was once considered a longshot, however, refuses to concede and insists he can still come out ahead when all of the votes are counted.

“You made me the first woman ever elected to be the governor of the state of New York,” said Gov. Hochul last night when she claimed victory. “But I’m not here to make history, I’m here to make a difference.

“Because of all of you, we will be making progress, breaking down barriers, breaking glass ceilings, helping New York achieve the greatness that it is capable of.

“I will lead with strength and compassion, not with fear and anger.”

Fear and anger are the emotions with which she accused Zeldin of campaigning, when she said that he wanted to keep New Yorkers “scared.”

Zeldin’s honesty about the ever-rising crime in New York, however, struck a chord with many voters, many of whom usually vote for Democrats.

After months of saying he would dismantle cashless bail and the progressive policies of district attorneys like Alvin Bragg, who often do not press charges against repeat offenders, US Rep Zeldin said, “There are so many reasons why New Yorkers feel they are at a breaking point.”

For Chassidim, New Yorkers in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods headed to the polls in record numbers to make their voice heard to vote for Zeldin, who often said he saw the values and greatness of yeshiva education, which he said he would protect from state interference.

To cast their votes for governor, a shocking 25,000 Boro Parkers headed to the polls last week. To provide a perspective, even during the election of former President Donald Trump, whom many Boro Parkers supported, only 13,000 Boro Parkers voted.

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