Landmark Breakfast Event to Launch Help for Boro Park Businesses

Landmark Breakfast Event to Launch Help for Boro Park Businesses

Businesses in Boro Park are getting battered by sinking sales due to newly-litigious employees, inflation and a shortage of workers. An upcoming must-attend expo promises to serve as a map to guide them through the convoluted economy.

Stores and restaurants in Boro Park, already pounded by the pandemic-induced lockdown, have not been spared the twin catastrophes which followed. The all-encompassing inflation deeply impacted sales, and the extended and generous unemployment benefits have led to a record number of people leaving the workforce, creating a shortage of employees.

This, combined with a new environment in state and city government which gives workers leverage over their employers, has led to a wave of frivolous lawsuits by workers that has caused much heartache for business owners.

To help small business owners wade through the maze, a “Boro Park Business Breakfast” will be held next Tuesday, Sept. 13. The two-hour event begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Renaissance Ballroom on 5902 14th Avenue.

Organized by the Boro Park Jewish Community Council, the first-of-its-kind event features seminars by business leaders, as well as the opportunity to network with fellow Boro Park business owners. There is an entry fee of $65, and registration is required.

The breakfast and buffet — organizers promise it will be a “lavish” affair — is sure to empower local businesses through networking and experts by discussing relevant topics designed to help business owners achieve success. These include advice on litigious employees and aggressive sales tax collections.

One session will be led by Chaim Book, a partner at the Moskowitz and Book law firm, who will address “employment in compliance with the law.” Chaim Goldmunzer, an accountant at Goldmunzer & Co., will discuss “How do I avoid common sales tax pitfalls?”

This will be followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Ami Magazine business editor Nesanel Gantz, on how to make your business thrive. The panelists are Max (Moshe) Hauer, the owner of the ecommerce Goflow enterprise; Yossi Itzkowitz, the proprietor of Toys 4 U; and David Pilchik, who heads Brooklyn Low Voltage Supply.

Kevin D. Kim, the city’s Small Business Services commissioner, will be present; he will be honored by the BPJCC for his leadership in leading that critical agency.

The BPJCC is using the occasion to launch the promising Boro Park Business Alliance, a new division of the organization, which will be offering businesses support, advocacy, and resources throughout the year. Rabbi Avi Greenstein, the BPJCC’s CEO, said that further details on the Alliance will be shared during the breakfast event.

“This innovative new division of the BPJCC promises to make a real impact on our local businesses,” Rabbi Greenstein said. “We are looking forward very soon to sharing the extraordinary success stories that are sure to come out of our new Boro Park Business Alliance.”

Business owners can register to attend the event at or by calling the BPJCC at 718-972-6600.

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