Lee Zeldin Holds Jewish Media Press Conference

Lee Zeldin Holds Jewish Media Press Conference

M.C. Millman

During a press conference on Friday morning, October 28, Lee Zeldin brought together Jewish Community media outlets to recap recent updates, reaffirm his consistent policies, and take media questions.

Zeldin shared his plans for the major focus of his upcoming campaign activities for the next eleven days. Top on the list was yeshiva education.

"Albany has, in many respects, declared war on yeshivas," Zeldin said. "…There are so many positives that are not being told in the story during this attack on yeshiva education, and I've been using every opportunity to tell the rest of that story."

Zeldin contested Hochul's response when she was asked about the Board of Regents' vote against the rights of yeshivas to oversee their own educational curriculum. On the day of the vote, she declared that she'd rather not comment as she insisted it was not a subject under the purview of a governor.

"A governor is certainly entitled to have an opinion," Zeldin said. "That opinion can be stated publicly. …She made a decision not to take any position or state any opinion, and that's just entirely unacceptable to me. And not only is it not my approach, but at any point during this debate all the way through to today and in the future, I will do everything in my power to stop these attacks."

Zeldin also discussed anti-Semitism and that there must be a consequence for anti-Semitic attacks and an overhaul of the laws that have been passed, allowing criminals to repeatedly get away with crimes.

"The state legislature is not looking to come to the table on this," Zeldin said, "So we're going to have to force them to come to the table. On the first day that I'm in the office in January, we will declare an emergency here in the state of New York, and we will suspend New York's cashless bail law…I really do hope that the state legislature understands what the will of the people is, as stated on November 8, so that we can work together to make the people of New York safer."

Zeldin pointed out that Hochul's response during Tuesday's debate that she doesn't understand why locking up criminals is such an important topic to him, shows just how out-of-touch she really is to the will of the people.

"I have made it a top priority to ensure that I'm able to do everything in my power starting the first moment that I'm sworn in office to make the streets safer," Zeldin reaffirmed his long-standing campaign promise.

"We have to ensure that we are identifying, confronting and crushing anti-Semitism in every form, however it rears its ugly head, whether that be on the streets, in our schools, or even in the halls of government…We have to ensure that we are cleaning up governments, we're cleaning up education, and that we are cleaning up the streets to make sure that the Jewish people feel safe and welcome and religious freedom is protected."

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