Living Legacy: Rav Dovid Nosson Deitch of Kretchinov

Living Legacy: Rav Dovid Nosson Deitch of Kretchinov

By: Yehuda Alter 

The 11th of Shvat marks the yohrtzeit of Rav Nosson Dovid Deitch, a great tzaddik and mekubal who was descended from a long line of Rabbonim, and among his descendants were likewise Rabbonim, admorim, and tzaddikim. 

Rav Dovid Nosson was born to his father Rav Yosef Yoel Deitch of Chodorov and Manistrich in 1831. His mother was the daughter of Rav Moshe Duvid Ashkenazi of Toltchova and Tzfas. Her sister was married to the Yetev Lev of Sighet. 

He married Rebbetzin Sheindel Leah, the daughter of Rav Yitzchok Eizik of Strij, who was a descendants of great tzaddikim, including the Shach, the Taz, and many others. 

Rav Dovid Nosson was a masmid otzum who was baki in every area of Torah, and an exceptional orator. The Sefer Nefesh Dovid is a collection of droshos that he delivered with great fire. 

Despite his tremendous suffering in life, he only continued to dedicate himself to Torah and avodas Hashem, and carried himself with deep humility. 

His avodah in davening was legendary in his generation. He would daven with tremendous exertion from siddur Mishnas Chassidim and the Siddur Rav Shabsi which were used by his uncle Rav Shimon of Yaroslav. 

In 1860, he became the Rov of Kretchinov, where he led the community with tremendous strength, conducted din torahs, and instituted many positive resolutions. 

Among the tzaddikim of his generation to whom he traveled were the tzaddikim of the Ruziner dynasty, in particular Rebbe Dovid Moshe of Chortkiv. He was also in correspondence with many tzaddikim of his generation, in areas of Halacha as well as other topics.

They included the Menuchas Osher of Tchenger, the Stanislaver Rov, and others. These teshuvos are included in the Sefer Shoel Umeishiv Sheilos uteshuvos Beis Shlomo. 

His son Rav Moshe Deitch of Sighet was the son in law of Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Hellir, a son of Rav Shmuel Hellir, the famed Rov of Tzfas. Rav Moshe, Hy”d, was killed during the Holocaust, but his son rav Dovid Nosson survived, and through him, there exists beautiful generations of Rav Moshe. 

Rav Dovid Nosson also had a number of other children, all of whom were illustrious Rabbonim and Rebbetzins. 

Rav Dovid Nosson was niftar on 11 Shvat, 1879, and was interred in Kretchinov. 

A Dvar Torah from the Nefesh Dovid for this week: Hashem told moshe, “why do you call out to me. Speak to the Jewish People and go.” Because the tefillos of a single person are not always answered. Therefore, speak to the entire Jewish people. They should all daven at once, rendering it a “tefillas rabbim,” and then you will be saved. 

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