Long-Awaited Action from DOT on Dangerous Boro Park Intersection

Long-Awaited Action from DOT on Dangerous Boro Park Intersection

By: YS Gold 

Drivers at the intersection of Eleventh Avenue and 46th Street feel a bit safer this morning, since the installation of a stop sign which will control traffic. 

As Boropark24 has reported over the years, this intersection is extremely dangerous, and the makeup of the traffic pattern has resulted in countless accidents, with varying degrees of seriousness. 

At issue is the fact that cars veer into 11th Avenue from New Utrecht Avenue on an angle. They are therefore unable to properly see cars crossing the intersection from a distance, and are unable to avoid them. 

Advocates for the city to take action on this matter by placing a traffic light or stop sign at the intersection have been met with silence, while there has been inordinate physical and material damage to drivers and pedestrians. 

Finally, on Monday DOT workers installed an all-way stop sign, to the satisfaction of drivers, pedestrians, and drivers alike.  

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