Mayor Adams and Republican Lawmakers call to Further Revise Bail Laws, but Gov. Hochul Turns them down

Mayor Adams and Republican Lawmakers call to Further Revise Bail Laws, but Gov. Hochul Turns them down

By Yehudit Garmaise 

To help keep dangerous criminals off the streets, Mayor Eric Adams reiterated state Republicans’ call to NY lawmakers on Tuesday to reconvene for a special summer session to further revise the state’s bail laws, but Gov. Kathy Hochul refused.

“We have to deal with [New York’s pattern of:] catch-release-repeat,” Mayor Adams said today in a press conference, as he called the criminal justice system “off-the rails” for “not keeping violent offenders off of our streets.”

“Without an ounce of hesitation, the political ruling class in Albany has dismissed these calls,” said state Sen. Rob Ortt (R-62), the minority leader who on July 22, along with other state Republicans, called for the NY legislature to return to session to further tweak bail laws. 

“The governor and the legislative majorities were quick to rush to Albany to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens, but when it comes to holding criminals accountable and protecting victims they couldn’t care less.”

Mayor Adams, who acknowledged that he “doesn’t control Albany,” added, “Just as we had a special call to return to Albany to deal with the ruling on right to carry, Albany should consider coming and revisiting some of the violence we’re seeing of repeat offenders.”

Gov. Hochul, however, responded that the changes to bail reform that the legislature passed in the budget are sufficient for now.

The governor, who will not call legislators back to further tweak the bail reform, said that the changes to NY bail reform now cover repeat offenders for property crimes, theft under the bail laws, more gun crimes, more hate crimes, and give judges more discretion.

Mayor Adams, however, who cited the two teenage fare-evaders who were released on their own recognizance after attacking two NYPD officers in a Harlem subway station on Sunday, argued that the changes the mostly Democratic legislature allowed for bail reform come far short.

“As soon as we catch them, the system releases them, and they repeat the action,” Adams said. “When I say we’re the laughingstock of the country, this is what I’m talking about.”

Mayor Adams said today he is looking for more than revising “just bail reform” to tamp the state’s skyrocketing crime rates.

The mayor said he wants to revisit the actions of prosecutors, judges, corporation counsel, and the Administration of Children’s Services.

“The whole criminal justice system is what we must look at,” said Mayor Adams. “Anything less would be like trying to “put a band-aid on a cancerous sore.

“We are not going heal the problem [of escalating crime] by approaching it piece-meal.”

Mayor Adams, who said that yesterday he had a “long” and “great” conversation with Carl Heastie, the speaker of the Assembly, and shared that they “agreed to look at the data that the NYPD is going to present on how we are having too many repeat offenders who are not eligible for bail.

“We are going to continue to be vociferous on this topic. New Yorkers deserve better.” 

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