Mayor Adams Lays Out His Plans to Drive Down Hate Crimes in NYC

Mayor Adams Lays Out His Plans to Drive Down Hate Crimes in NYC

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams said he would focus on “intervention and prevention,” to drive down 2021’s startling 97% increase in hate crimes, compared with those that the NYPD reported in 2020.

While 251 hate crimes were perpetrated in New York City in November 2020: that number spiked to 494 in November of 2021, and Jews, who were the targets of 179 of those hate crimes, were by far the most frequently attacked.

“We are a divided city,” said Mayor Adams, who first explained his preventative approach. “Why aren’t we teaching our children better in schools with lessons plans [that provide information about respecting other cultures and ethnicities]?”

Mayor Adams recalled that a teacher he observed a few days ago in Staten Island “had an amazing program,” in which “she teaches the children the beauty of living in a diverse city.” Similar programs, the mayor said, need to be part of our school curricula, "so we can start raising our children to not involve themselves in hate crimes.”

In terms of the mayor’s intervention efforts, he said he is “going to beef up his task forces around hate crimes in our police units, and we are going to partner with the district attorneys to make sure we properly investigate these cases, and we are going to use technology: video surveillance.

“We are going to use undercover officers to go into the communities that are experiencing [hate crimes], particularly our Chinese and East Asian communities.”

Sadly, Mayor Adams did not mention any recent hate crimes that are so often perpetrated against Orthodox Jews, such as the 26-year-old man who was brutally assaulted on 10:30pm on Jan. 2 on Throop Avenue and Bartlett Street in Willamsburg.

The NYPD is searching for the two perpetrators who shoved the young man to the ground and beat him with sticks, leaving him bloody, reported the police said. The man sustained lacerations to his legs and head, and the perpetrators, who fled the scene after committing what the NYPD said was “an apparent hate crime,” posted a video of the attack on Twitter. 

“We are going to be very clear that we are not going to have a community where people are attacked based on their ethnicities and based on their cultures,” Mayor Adams said.

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