Mayor Adams Proposes New Safety Technology and More Police to Provide Safety and Calm

Mayor Adams Proposes New Safety Technology and More Police to Provide Safety and Calm

By Yehudit Garmaise

Many born and bred New Yorkers, for the first time in their lives, are afraid to get on the subway this morning.

“I didn’t feel that way in the 80s or after 9/11,” said a 1010 WINS reporter this morning, “but 25 people were shot on the subway yesterday. 

“How did we get here?”

Some say the policies of the previous administration are to blame, while the mayor blamed NYC’s terrifying crime rate on “generations of neglect” of children: namely, the abandonment of foster care children, undiagnosed dyslexia, which is found in 30% of US prison populations, the mental health crisis, an under-performing public school system, and the over-proliferation of guns. 

“When you start adding this up, the failures [that] children [suffer] turn into the failures of adults,” Mayor Adams said.

“Should New Yorkers get on the subway today?” the reporter asked Mayor Eric Adams this morning.

“Yes, they should,” Mayor Adams said. “We will have an additional complement of police officers there, and we need to find this guy [Frank R. James, whom the NYPD are now calling a suspect, and not just a person-of-interest], and we are going to find him, arrest him, and prosecute him.”

Although the search for James is nationwide now and not just in NYC, as reported on Bloomberg LIVE.

“We are not going to allow this person to get away with this terrible act on innocent New Yorkers.”

Mayor Eric Adams also explained that he intends to roll out at subway stations and larger arenas, such as sports stadiums: higher level metal detectors than those used at airports and other new technologies that protect public safety.

Since he has been in office, Adams said Phil Banks, NYC’s deputy mayor of public safety, has been travelling across the country to identify new safety technologies that other cities are using nationwide.

“Now we are going through the process of testing [what we have found],” said Mayor Adams, who said the NYPD just, two weeks ago, tested out new safety technology, perhaps referring to the robotic dog that he was seen controlling remotely outside of City Hall. 

The mayor said that police officers “were impressed with the outcomes” of the new technological tools and “were going to start applying the project as soon as we can.”

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