Mayor Adams Releases Housing Plan

Mayor Adams Releases Housing Plan

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Mayor Adams on Thursday released the “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity” proposal to encourage development in every area of New York City. 

“So many of the challenges we face as a city are rooted in an ongoing housing shortage that is forcing too many people to leave New York City and making life increasingly difficult for those who stay. For more than 60 years, we have added layers upon layers of regulations, effectively outlawing the kinds of housing that our city has long relied on. 

“Today, we are proposing the most pro-housing changes in the history of New York City’s modern zoning code — changes that will remove longstanding barriers to opportunity, finally end exclusionary zoning, cut red tape, and transform our city from the ground up,” said Mayor Adams.

This plan will spur an additional 100,000 new homes for a quarter-million New Yorkers.

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