Mayor Adams seeks to Move on BQE Revamp

Mayor Adams seeks to Move on BQE Revamp

By: Yehuda Alter.

Mayor Eric Adams aims to begin construction within five years to completely remake the Brooklyn Queens Expressway— a departure from his predecessor, Bill DeBlasio’s plan to put in place temporary fixes, giving the city more time to find a solution. The only problem is that his plan has yet to be developed.

The BQE, a vital artery for Brooklynites, is crumbling from years of salting and carrying loads far above what was intended by its architects.

“Our moment is right now,” Mr. Adams said in a statement. “I will not wait decades and needlessly spend hundreds of millions of additional taxpayer dollars when we can and must start rebuilding this vital transportation artery today.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the mayors’ diversion of funds from BQE projects a few weeks ago, as Boropark24 reported.

Adams seeks to tap into federal funds made available through the federal Infrastructure Bill passed earlier this year.

“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to access the federal funding necessary to reimagine and rebuild the B.Q.E. that a post-pandemic economy and city demand, and we are seizing it,” said the mayor.

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