Multiple Hachnusas Sifrei Torah Planned for Sunday Afternoon

Multiple Hachnusas Sifrei Torah Planned for Sunday Afternoon

Hundreds of people across Boro Park will celebrate new Sifrei Torah that are being donated to shuls across the neighborhood on Sunday, the first day of Slichos, causing temporary road closures in the afternoon hours.

This phenomenon--in which we see a plethora of new sifrei Torah paraded through the streets on one day-- generally occurs twice yearly; the Sunday before Rosh Hashana, and the Sunday prior to Shvuous, as Yiden seek to add Zchusim prior to the new year and have additional Sifrei Torah in the Shul to celebrate on Simchas Torah.

Shomrim said the following street closures will take place as hundreds will gather to celebrate:

_Starting at 4:00pm:_ 14th Avenue and 41st Street, going to 13th Avenue and 36th street. 

_Starting at 5:30pm:_ 16th Ave and 55th Street.

12th Avenue and 45th Street.

11th Avenue and 54th Street going to 12th Avenue and 45th Street.

_Starting at 6:00pm:_ 13th Avenue and 59th Street going to 14th Avenue and 57th Street.

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