New Ambulance Station Will Serve Growing Area in Boro Park

New Ambulance Station Will Serve Growing Area in Boro Park

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Boro Park Hatzolah ambulance B909 has a new home, on 21st Avenue and 64th Street, as of this week. The bus used to be stationed at Bay Parkway and 59th Street.

This comes as the area is experiencing exponential growth, with many heimishe families moving in there. Having the ambulance close by will enable faster response time in the event that the ambulance is needed, R”l. 

A senior Hatzolah source told BoroPark24 that the organization has been on the lookout for a property that would be a suitable location for this ambulance, and recently purchased this location which is central to this area. 

Boro Park Hatzolah is working on obtaining designated parking spaces around the garage where members can leave their cars while taking the ambulance out on calls. 

In a communication to its members, Boro Park Hatzolah coordinators said, “This space is dedicated for B909, protecting the ambulance from the element, and ensuring the safety and maintenance of our fleet of vehicles.”

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