New Guidance for School Re-Openings

New Guidance for School Re-Openings

The New York State Education Department today released guidance for schools serving children between Pre-K and 12th grade.

This new guidance includes a requirement that face coverings be work when social distancing is not possible or when there is a possibility that social distancing may not be possible. This requirement of face coverings (which allows for cloth and surgical masks), applies in transit when children are on the school bus as well as when they are in common areas of the school such as hallways and elevators.

When in the classroom, students must be socially distant or wear a mask. Cafeterias will garner special rules such as the prohibition on buffet style serving and on sharing food between students. Also, the guidelines recommend against the sharing of classroom tools such as notebooks, computers, etc.

Schools will have to regularly clean all surface on classrooms and restrooms as well as maintain handwashing stations stocked with soap, water, and towels. Temperature checks will be required as well.

All re-opening plans must be submitted to the state as well as be made available to parents.

photo credit: Tomash Devenishek/Flickr (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

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