New Legislation Helps Eligible Voters Have Their Vote Counted

New Legislation Helps Eligible Voters Have Their Vote Counted

By BoroPark 24 Staff

This month, Governor Hochul signed new legislation ensuring that the New Yorker's votes will be counted even in an incorrect polling location - provided they vote in the correct county and assembly district. 

Voting can get confusing, especially when you have to ensure you are at the correct polling station. Previous law deemed ballots cast in the wrong polling place as completely invalidated. 

According to Hochul's office, "The new law strengthens protections for New Yorkers' right to vote and have their ballots counted in races that they are entitled to vote in while also encouraging voter participation in the electoral process."

"Access to the ballot box shouldn't be held up by complicated and unclear voting processes," Hochul said in a statement. "My administration is committed to empowering voters and improving the state's electoral process, which has disenfranchised too many New Yorkers for too long."

Assemblyman Robert Carroll, who represents the 44th District covering parts of Brooklyn, introduced this bill. 

In a statement, Carroll said, "With our democracy under attack, it is essential that New York does everything in its power to ensure eligible voters' ballots are counted. With this legislation, New York will no longer invalidate otherwise valid ballots because a voter went to the incorrect polling place in their home county and assembly district. This critical voting reform will help ensure that the rights of thousands of voters are protected."

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