New York Senate Republicans Address the Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents in New York

New York Senate Republicans Address the Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents in New York

by M.C. Millman 

An Antisemitism Working Group was formed by Republicans in the New York State Senate on Tuesday to come up with ways to combat the rise of antisemitism in New York. 

Senate Republican leader Rob Ortt announced the creation of the working group on Tuesday. The working group plans to travel around the State and hold roundtables to hear from stakeholders and make recommendations on addressing this issue. After the roundtables, the Working Group will issue a report and make legislative recommendations. 

According to the group's press release, Senator Jack Martins will serve as Chair of the working group. Senator Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick, Senator Joseph Griffo, Senator Peter Oberacker, and Senator Bill Weber will serve as additional members.

"Antisemitism is a continuing and growing scourge on today's society. We must all do our part as New Yorkers to fight hate in all forms," Martins said. "Through this working group, I look forward to working with communities across the state to gather information and develop policies to ensure that all communities are safe and no one is threatened or persecuted for their religious beliefs."

The press release highlighted the recent reports showing a rise in antisemitism in the US by both the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The AJC State of Antisemitism in America Report 2022 demonstrated five key takeaways

1. More Jews feel less secure in America.

2. American Jews are proud but are altering their behavior out of fear.

3. Antisemitism online and on social media is a continuing threat. But young American Jews experience it differently.

4. American Jews pursuing higher education are experiencing some lows.

5. Americans know antisemitism is a problem for society, but more can be done.

Ortt said, "The Senate Republican Conference is committed to restoring public safety and protecting our Jewish brothers and sisters from hateful acts of violence. This working group will gather information and formulate solutions on how the Legislature can best reverse this rising trend, and I look forward to their report."

According to the press release, the first roundtable will be announced soon.

Photo Credit: Flickr

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