New York State Escalates Speed Camera Program on Road Construction Zones

New York State Escalates Speed Camera Program on Road Construction Zones

by YS Gold 

As drivers in New York City and beyond are increasingly feeling the presence of speed cameras, New York State officials have announced the installation of cameras at numerous road construction sites throughout the state. 

According to officials, this initiative is aimed at keeping construction workers safe. A state report claims that of the 378 “intrusions” (in which vehicles entered road sections closed off due to maintenance or construction work), 50 of them resulted in injury to workers. 

How it Works:

The system uses radar to identify any vehicle traveling equal to or faster than the posted speed limit, triggering the system to capture photos and the speed of the passing vehicle.

A series of images are captured of the vehicle as it approaches and passes the speed safety camera, including two photos of the back of the vehicle, to show the distance and time of travel.

The data collected, including the time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane, and direction of travel is collected.

The license plate information is used to identify the registered owner of the vehicle captured.

A NYS Certified Technician reviews the violation and certifies that the information collected is correct.

A Notice of Liability is then created and mailed via first class mail to the registered owner of the vehicle.

This phase of the program will issue a warning by mail to first-time offenders. Following this, the first violation will garner a $50 fine, the second, a $75 fine, and every subsequent speed violation will earn drivers a hefty $100 summons. The plan calls for signs at each site warning drivers of the presence of cameras. 

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