News Sparks: Frontier, Spirit Airlines Announce Merger; Antisemitic Incidents Reported in Williamsburg; President Biden to Visit Israel Later This Year; and More

News Sparks: Frontier, Spirit Airlines Announce Merger; Antisemitic Incidents Reported in Williamsburg; President Biden to Visit Israel Later This Year; and More

Frontier, Spirit Airlines Announce Merger Creating 5th Largest U.S. Airline

The two low-budget carriers Frontier and Spirit Airlines have announced a merger on Monday that will create the fifth-largest U.S. airline, if approved, ahead of Jetblue. The Merger will see Frontier taking a majority share in Spirit for a reported $2.9 Billion. 

The airlines announced the merger in a joint statement, saying it will allow them to add 10,000 jobs by 2026. The merger is expected to close in the second half of the year.

Multiple Antisemitic Incidents Reported in Williamsburg

As antismeitism is on the rise, a trio of incidents were reported in Williamsburg over the weekend where in one instance a visibly Jewish man was walking in the streets when he was approached from behind by a suspect who brutally punched him, and knocking his shtreimel off his head, with another similar incident said to have occurred in the same area of Marcy Avenue and Stockton Street, the Anti-Defamation League, said in announcing a $7.5k reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual/s.

In another incident swastikas were spray painted on multiple Yeshiva Buses that were parked on Rodney Street and Division Avenue. The NYPD Hate Crimes Division said it is investigating these incidents as hate crimes and urged anyone with any information to come forward.

IRS to Drop Verification over Facial Recognition Concerns

The IRS was set to start requiring people to use the verification service for all IRS services, but that option is being pulled as the Treasury Department has been asked to stop it by Senators and others who expressed concern over the use of’s facial recognition, the Hill reported.

“The Treasury Department has made the smart decision to direct the IRS to transition away from using the controversial verification service, as I requested earlier today,” Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) said in a statement Monday. “I understand the transition process may take time, but I appreciate that the administration recognizes that privacy and security are not mutually exclusive and no one should be forced to submit to facial recognition to access critical government services.”

President Biden to Visit Israel Later This Year

President Biden is set to visit Israel later this year, the White House said in a readout of a phone call between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Biden on Sunday, where the Prime Minister applauded Biden on the Unnoted States Millitary raid that resulted in the killing of ISIS’ top leader.

“President Biden conveyed his unwavering support for Israel’s security and freedom of action, emphasizing his administration’s full support for replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome system,” the White House said.

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