News Sparks: Iran Continues to Build Up its Nuclear Program, Mayor Considers requiring Second Shots and Boosters for Restaurants, and Candles Burn Bright in London

News Sparks: Iran Continues to Build Up its Nuclear Program, Mayor Considers requiring Second Shots and Boosters for Restaurants, and Candles Burn Bright in London

By Yehudit Garmaise

Iran Does not Seem Serious about Limiting its Nuclear Program

Iran is continuing to accelerate their nuclear program in particularly provocative ways,” said a US official today, after representatives of Iran’s new “ultraconservative” president Ebrahim Raisi, who is described as “hardline” and “anti-Western,” reneged on previous promises to limit Iran’s nuclear program in return for fewer economic sanctions.

Diplomats met last week for five days in Vienna to try to revive the deal they made in 2015, which is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), however, a US official was dismayed to report that the Tehran delegates came “with proposals that walked back any of the compromises that Iran had floated during the first six rounds of talks.” Plus, many said that Iran asked for even more accommodations to its atomic buildup: requests that may kill JCPOA.

Representative from Europeans countries, China, and Russia were also surprised, disappointed, and concerned by Tehran’s aggressive positions at the recent talks, which will continue next week. 

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Friday that the US would not let Iran drag out diplomatic talks, while continuing its nuclear proliferation, and if diplomacy fails, the US will pursue “other options,” on which he did not expand.

Mayor de Blasio Considers Requiring Second Shots for Admittance to NYC Restaurants and Concert Venues

Now that eight New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID’s Omicron variant, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that he is considering strengthening the current requirement that New Yorkers show not just proof of their first vaccine shot, but their second shots, as well as their boosters, before entering restaurants and concert venues in New York City.

“With all of our approaches to COVID, we’re going to update them because we’re dealing with some new challenges,” said the mayor, who pointed out that he was not just concerned about the spread of Omicron, but the likely spread of the Delta variant as the temperatures decrease and New Yorkers gather more indoors. “We’re going to keep updating policies regularly to meet this challenge.”

Palestinian Terrorist Stabs 20-year-Old Charedi Man Outside Old City

Mohammed Shawkat Salima, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 20-year-old Charedi Israeli man outside of the Old City, near the Damascus Gate, in Yerushaylim on Shabbos.

Israeli police released a video that shows the terrorist crossing a street and then turning around to stab a frum man, who was moderately to severely wounded, according to Israel’s ambulance service.

The assailant then attempted to stab an Israeli border policeman, who along with other police officer, shot and killed the terrorist: all within 50 seconds of the beginning of the incident.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the actions of the border police, “a war crime,” however, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett praised the police officers who “acted very quickly and decisively, as expected of Israeli police, against a terrorist who tried to murder an Israeli citizen."

All Eight Flames Burn Brightly at Site of Last Week’s Attack on Jews in London

Always responding to darkness with light, Chabad shluchim in London lit a new menorah tonight on Oxford Street, where an anti-Semitic attack on Jewish teens celebrating Chanukah took place last week.

On Nov. 29, as Jews in London were kindling the second light of Chanukah, a bus filled with 40 Jewish teens was winding its way through the city streets, touring the city, having fun, and getting out of the bus to dance: until three young Middle Eastern men nearby began playing Arabic music, dancing next to them, and eventually becoming aggressive, making threatening gestures, spitting, throwing things, and yelling “Free Palestine!”

“Our Chanukah party on wheels continued on its route, and the rest of the event went on with joy,” said Rabbi Glistenstein.

Rabbi Yisroel Lew, the co-director of Chabad Lubavitch of Bloomsbury-Central London, where the attack took place, arranged for a new menorah to be lit tonight, when all its eight lights are kindled: resuming the simcha that was briefly cut short six days ago. 

Rabbi Glitsenstein, several Parliament members, other dignitaries, and some of the young Jews who were on the bus that a week ago returned to light the menorah tonight, to continue their dancing and to show the world the Chanukah light cannot and will not be extinguished.

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