NYC Among the Dirtiest Cities in the World, According to TimeOut

NYC Among the Dirtiest Cities in the World, According to TimeOut

By Yehudit Garmaise

While some New Yorkers think most cities are as dirty as NYC, others rank NYC as the world’s filthiest.

To find the truth would regard extensive traveling, but according to the 27,000 readers of TimeOut, New York City is second only to Rome, Italy, as the dirtiest city in the world, however, says a handful of eastern cities worldwide remain much dirtier than cities, such as NYC and Rome.

For three years in a row, for instance, Reuters ranked New Delhi, India, as the world’s dirtiest city, based on its filth in the streets and toxic air pollution.

The world’s dirtiest city, according to everydaytourist, is Accra, Ghana, which is home to the world’s largest landfill of electronic household waste. 

Beirut, Lebanon, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kabul, Afghanistan, and Kathmandu, Nepal, also top the list of the world’s dirtiest cities, according to everydaytourist, perhaps offering a list of cities not to visit.

Back in NYC, Mayor Eric Adams has launched new “Precision Cleaning” programs to keep the streets clean.

The city is starting to use garbage cans that close to keep out rats and reinstating alternate side parking, which will allow for the streets to be swept twice as often, and the mayor is targeting people who illegally dump garbage.

To clean the streets, the city purchased $11 million in street sweepers that can reach previously unreachable areas, such as bike lanes, TimeOut reported.

Deputy Mayor Meera Joshi, who recently pointed out that the city’s Department of Sanitation, “can’t do it alone,” urged homeowners and store owners to keep their property swept and clean of garbage that gets scattered.

“It is time to clean up our city, which we can do together,” Joshi said.


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