NYC's New Garbage Image Embraces $1,000 Designer Trash Receptacles

NYC's New Garbage Image Embraces $1,000 Designer Trash Receptacles

by Mindy Cohn

While budgets of all New York City agencies were slashed at the mayor's insistence by five percent on Monday, including schools, police, fire, and sanitation services, as reported by BoroPark24 here, The City has made it a priority to purchase and inst

The new garbage cans, designed by Group Project, cost $1,000 a piece and will replace the green wire mesh version, commonplace around New York City. The innovative design has a perforated metal and cement base to prevent it from overturning, a hinged metal lid, and a lightweight plastic basket that sanitation workers can remove to dispose of trash.

The first 300 designer trash receptacles were delivered this month for installation, replacing the older green metal mesh cans designed in the 1930s. 

"This is a priority, to get all of those mesh wire and defunct litter baskets replaced," Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch said at a hearing regarding the new trash cans.

Another 1,000 cans have already been ordered as the City prioritizes replacing all 23,000 street garbage cans. The new $23 million worth of high-end garbage can agenda has been made a priority, while at the same time, the mayor is cutting critical funding by 5% to all NYC Agencies to accommodate illegal migrants with further budget cuts promised for January and April as well.

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