NYC’s Planners Publish Updated Map with Data about Each of the City’s Neighborhoods

NYC’s Planners Publish Updated Map with Data about Each of the City’s Neighborhoods

By Yehudit Garmaise

Boro Park is our favorite neighborhood, but it is only one of the countless neighborhoods that comprise New York City.

Residents who are interested in learning about every neighborhood in NYC want to check out a new city map the Department of City Planning (DCP) just published.

Presenting facts on each neighborhood’s population and natural and manmade physical features, the 2022 edition of, “New York City: A City of Neighborhoods Map,” is an updated version of a map that was first published in 1994.

The map’s latest edition “better represents the hills, valleys, and ridges that define the unique contours of New York City neighborhoods and our surrounding waterways than previous maps have, said DCP Director Dan Garodnick.

The map can help NYC-enthusiasts to better understand each neighborhood, many of whose names have been inspired by their physical features: whether natural or manmade.

"If you love New York City, you're going to love our City of Neighborhoods map,” said Garodnick, who also serves as the chair of the City Planning Commission. “It provides a unique overview of all of our community districts and neighborhoods and sets out key demographic and topographical details. 

“It's a must-have for those who want a better understanding of New York City.” 

Taking key data from the latest decennial census and American Community Survey, the new map also provides information, such as each neighborhood’s: percentage of New Yorkers who were born in other countries, number of languages spoken, and total number of housing units.

Citywide, 36.2% of New Yorkers were foreign-born, and more than 200 languages are spoken. 

On DCP’s website, viewers can also find a link to DCP’s Population FactFinder, where users can explore interesting demographic and socioeconomic data about neighborhoods or even just sections of neighborhoods in which the 8.8 million NYC residents live.

According to Population FactFinder, 93,905 people live in Boro Park. While citywide the number of residents who are under 18-years-old is 19.8%, thanks to Boro Park’s high birth rate, BH, a whopping 42.8% of the neighborhood is under 18.

In Boro Park, 74.8% of residents are “white non-Hispanics,” according to Population Fact-Finder, 8.7% are Asian, and 8.6% are Hispanic/Latino.

The map can “help New Yorkers learn about their neighborhoods and Community Districts: providing useful info so they can better advocate for their community's needs,” said Garodnick.

“In the face of New York’s ongoing housing crisis, these statistics, among many others, are the keys to planning a fairer and more affordable city,” said Garodnick about the map that will likely be poured over by city politicians and advisers.

Readers can download a somewhat unclear version of the map at DCP’s website, or buy what is hopefully a clearer map at CityStore, at 1 Centre St. in Manhattan or

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