NYPD Reveals Crime Continues to Rise, however, Mayor Adams Launches New Policies that Can Turn the Tide

NYPD Reveals Crime Continues to Rise, however, Mayor Adams Launches New Policies that Can Turn the Tide

By Yehudit Garmaise

The latest NYPD statistics show that nearly every category of serious crime is on the rise so far this year, with police data showing an overall increase of 35.2% as of Sunday compared to the same time in 2021, reported the New York Post. The only exceptions were murders and burglaries, which decreased a bit.

The elevated crime rates are already being blamed on Mayor Eric Adams, however, he has only been in office for 17 days, and informed perspectives on fighting crime, which are realistically rooted in his 22 years of experience of serving in the NYPD, will take some time to reverse trends that were, perhaps, set into motion the previous mayor and his often stated believe that elevated crime rates will simply and magically reverse themselves as “the perfect storm of the pandemic” comes to an end.

In Mayor Adams’ slightly more than two weeks in office, he has immediately enacted policies and efforts that may very well drive down crime in New York City.

On public transit, for instance, where crime soared 65.5% and two days ago, a 40-year-old Asian woman was pushed to her death by an insane homeless man, on, Jan. 6, for instance, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced the addition of hundreds NYPD officers, not just to stand guard at subway stations, but to “move cohesively through the entire system: particularly on subway cars, where officers will talk to and engage with commuters to gather intelligence.”

As Mayor Adams explained many times during his campaign, he thought the many police officers who were doing clerical jobs would better serve the city in high crime areas, such as the city’s subways. 

In addition, on Friday, the Adams said that the NYPD would soon be launching its formerly named-anti-crime unit, now named an anti-gun unit: to fight the city’s surge in gun violence.

While Adams’ new regime is just getting started in what many city dwellers hope and pray will result in a safer and more efficiently run city, meanwhile, the mayor seeks to reassure a city full of 8.8 million people, whose nerves are frazzled after two years of a pandemic and ever-rising crime reports.

“New Yorkers are safe on the subway system,” Adams said yesterday. “What we must do is remove the perception of fear,” which will likely not happen until crime rates actually do fall in all categories.


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