NYPD Search for Perpetrator who Assaulted the Jewish Driver of Van who Slightly Blocked a Driveway

     A Boro Park Yid, who is a plumber, was slapped and fell to the ground after he parked in such a way that his white van was sticking out a bit in front of a driveway on 12th Avenue and 39th Street this morning at 11:50am.

     A man, who was not wearing a shirt and who angrily came out of his apartment screaming, had rudely told the driver to move his car immediately, but the driver of the van responded that he would move it when the man needed it moved, the victim told BoroPark24. 

    The perpetrator, however, who wanted the plumber’s van moved right away, expressed his anger by slapping the driver in the face and knocking him down to the street, before throwing a hose at the driver’s truck. 
     The victim, who briefly lost consciousness and has a bruise under his eye and a cut on his mouth, was treated and released by emergency medical services.

     The NYPD and Boro Park Shomrim were immediately summoned to the scene, but the perpetrator, whose address is known, had already fled the scene toward Fort Hamilton Ave.

     The investigation remains ongoing.

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