Photo Gallery: Hundreds Attend Global Hatzolah Expo in New Jersey

Photo Gallery: Hundreds Attend Global Hatzolah Expo in New Jersey

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Hundreds of first responders gathered Sunday at the New Jersey Convention Center for an expo where many resources to aid them in their life-saving work were on display. 

This year's Expo, presented by Cross River, unfolded against the backdrop of intense weeks within Klal Yisroel, and that intensity reverberated throughout the event. Klal Yisroel's unwavering focus on unity finds its reflection in Hatzalah. 

With participation from over fifty Hatzalah organizations spanning the United States and various countries worldwide, the Expo became a hub of convergence. Amid the educational sessions hosted by the Center for Allied Health Education and a multitude of vendors showcasing cutting-edge EMS technology, the prevailing atmosphere was one of brotherhood. 

Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, CEO of Chevra Haztolah, told BoroPark24, “Connecting with counterparts from around the world, from various backgrounds, all dedicating their time to the same noble cause, evoked a profound sense of achdus. Good news for Klal Yisroel.” 

A prominent attendee at the expo was Reb Hershel Weber, the founder of Chevra Hatzolah, who looked around with tremendous nachas at the incredible growth of the movement that he launched. 

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