President Trump Speaks at One of His Chanukah Parties Yesterday

President Trump Speaks at One of His Chanukah Parties Yesterday

By Yehudit Garmaise :

  “Hail to the Chief” played as President Donald Trump walked down the stairs of the White House to greet his guests at his second Chanukah party of the day, yesterday.

  Smiling and appearing relaxed and friendly the president first wished everyone “a very Happy Chanukah,” after which a few people intermittently called out, “Four more years!”

   Although President Trump spent a lot of time ruing the election results, he happily spoke about his accomplishments.

       “All I can do is run the country and do a great job, [such as] with all the things we have done with taxes, and what is going on in the Middle East with peace,” said the president, who said, “No one has done for Israel what I have done, with the [my recognition of the] Golan Heights as part of Israel [and not Syria] and breaking up that horrible Iran deal.”

  “All I ask for is people with wisdom and courage,” the president said to a crowd that cheered him.

  “We’re here,” a Jewish guest in the crowd answered.

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