Queens Assemblyman Proposes Free Bus Service, Freezing Subway Fares at $2.75

Queens Assemblyman Proposes Free Bus Service, Freezing Subway Fares at $2.75

By Yehudit Garmaise

New legislation could freeze subway fares at $2.75, create train service every six minutes, and provide free bus service for the next four years, according to Queens Assemblyman Zohran Kwame Mamdani, who is proposing eight bills that he calls, the “Fix the MTA” package.

“The MTA is in crisis, and COVID federal relief money is running out,” said Assemblyman Mamdani, who wants to fill the MTA’s $3 billion deficit without increasing revenue. 

As New Yorkers continue to return to using the subway at a rate that is 75.2% of what it was pre-pandemic, many wonder how the MTA has managed to burn through its $6 billion relief grant, which was the largest financial sum ever awarded in the Federal Transit Administration history.

With fare and toll hikes likely inevitable this summer, many New Yorkers are not happy about paying what could be $3 per subway ride. 

“That is really expensive,” Sarah E. told BoroPark24. “It is not nice to take advantage of the people just trying to get affordable transportation, which is not that great of a ride."

“The only thing that is missing is the political will,” Assemblyman Mamdami said about his plan., "Only more government aid can fix the MTA." 

Whether other legislative members and Gov. Kathy Hochul are on board with Assemblyman Mamdani's legislative proposals remains to be seen.

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