Revel Announces New Requirements, NYC Service Still Shut Down

Revel Announces New Requirements, NYC Service Still Shut Down

Revel, an electric scooter company, has consequently constructed a new plan to keep riders safe after several fatal accidents.

Starting Tuesday, the company will require every rider to share a helmet selfie and watch a mandatory in-app “how-to” video before getting onto a bike.

In NYC, the service is still completely banned, but the company hopes to return to the Big Apple soon.

Revel users in Miami, D.C., and San Francisco, continue to ride.

According to the New York Post, a company spokesperson said, “During this time, we have continued to actively communicate with city officials and community leaders. We are in the process of finalizing these measures, and, while we do not have an announcement to make at this time, we will have more information available to share soon.”

The company’s most recent collision, resulted in death, a 30-year-old man died a week after colliding into a pole in Washington Heights, police said he was not wearing a helmet.

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