Shelter Opening at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal near Boro Park

Shelter Opening at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal near Boro Park

M.C. Millman

Asylum seekers in New York City will have a new shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal right near Boro Park, also known as Pier 12, as there is 'no more room in New York.'

New York City Mayor Eric Adams says the shelter will "temporarily serve the continued influx of asylum seekers arriving in New York City." According to Adams, the city has reached "its breaking point." 

This shelter is the fifth of its kind operated by the City. It will provide adult men "with a place to stay, access support, and get to their final destination." Officials say the shelter will close before the start of cruising season this spring. 

Adams said in a statement Saturday. "We continue to surpass both our moral and legal obligations and meet the needs of people arriving in New York, but as the number of asylum seekers continues to grow, we are in serious need of support from both our state and federal governments." 

Representative Malliotakis spoke on FOX News about Adams' handling of the migrant surge and how she thinks he has 'incentivized' illegal immigration.

Malliotakis believes that "where the federal government should be helping is at the border determining right away whether someone has a legitimate asylum case or not."

Malliotakis also points out that the mayor has incentivized illegal immigration. "People were saying that they wanted to go to New York City with the mayor because they heard that New York City is housing the migrants and providing for their needs."

According to Malliotakis, many immigrants currently living in the US notice a stark contrast. When they came to the US, they had to follow the rules and do everything right, and no one paid for their housing. Now, they wonder why they must pay for the housing "to the tune of nearly 2 billion dollars this will cost New York City residents."

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