Shootings and Murders Decrease, Most Other Crimes Continued to Rise in September, NYPD Reports

Shootings and Murders Decrease, Most Other Crimes Continued to Rise in September, NYPD Reports

By Yehudit Garmaise

In NYC last month, shootings and murders decreased compared to September 2021, but almost every other crime continued to increase: including all hate crimes, and those that target Jews.

Thanks to the NYPD’s continuing efforts to combat gun violence, in September 2022, the number of overall shootings in New York City dropped to 118 incidents compared with the 136 shooting incidents that took place in September 2021.

The NYPD, which highlighted “significant declines” of shootings that took place in Brooklyn, has seized more than 5,600 firearms since Jan. 1.

In September, the NYPD arrested 423 perpetrators with guns, which shows a 7.4% increase over the 394 perpetrators with guns who were arrested in September 2021.

Since Jan. 1, the NYPD hit a 27-year high number of gun arrests after arresting 3,601 perpetrators with guns, compared to the department’s 3,430 gun arrests in the first three quarters of 2021.

The first part of 2022 witnessed several horrific subway crimes, however, and last month transit shootings shot up 3.7% when 198 subways crimes took place, compared to the 191 subway crimes that took place in September 2021.

Last month, murders in NYC dropped by 23.5%, when 39 New Yorkers were killed, compared to the 51 people who were killed in September 2021 in the city.

Citywide in September 2022, 56 hate crimes took place, which shows a 19% spike over the 47 hate crimes that were perpetrated in September 2021. Sadly, 20 of those hate crimes targeted Jews, compared to the 18 anti-Semitic hate crimes that took place in September 2021.

Overall crime rates in NYC continued their grim upward climb last month, when 11,057 New Yorkers reported crimes, compared to the 9,596 city residents who reported crimes in September 2021.

In September 2022, burglaries in NYC increased by 22.7%, auto theft increased by 21.5% and crimes of grand larceny, which involves stealing things worth more than at least $1,000, increased by 21.3%.

The NYPD’s strategies “to suppress violence, to seize illegal guns, and to hold criminals accountable for their actions are beginning to gain traction,” said NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell.

“One crime victim is one victim too many, and the hardworking women and men of the NYPD are committed to ensuring that no one, in any NYC neighborhood, is harmed by violence or disorder,” said Commissioner Sewell, who continues to say that NY legislators and judges, “must pull in the same direction and remain focused on the safety of everyone who lives, works, and visits New York City.”

“The NYPD cannot shoulder this work alone,” Sewell said. “We have seen too much revolving-door recidivism.

“We have seen too many well-intentioned reforms exploited.

“Most importantly, we must shatter the perception among criminals that there are no consequences for violent crimes, and we must realign our system to center on those who matter most: crime victims.”

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