SNAP Beneficiaries Warned of Increase in Hackers Stealing SNAP Benefit

SNAP Beneficiaries  Warned of Increase in Hackers Stealing SNAP Benefit

by M.C. Millman

The Community Outreach Center of Rockland (COC) warns SNAP beneficiaries that their office has seen an increase in cases of SNAP fraud in recent weeks resulting in clients losing all accumulated food stamp benefits to fraudsters hacking their accounts.

The COC advises anyone who notices any suspicious activity on their account or anyone who has lost SNAP benefits due to fraud to file a police report with the local police department immediately.

Snap card holders must also be vigilant, frequently check available balances, and update the card's PIN by calling 1-888-328-6399. Changing the PIN is a small but significant step that can help protect the account.

For questions or assistance in applying for SNAP benefits, Boro Park residents can contact the BPJCC at 718-972-6600. 

"The common denominator here," Rabbi Hersh Horowitz, COC Executive Director, shares with BoroPark24, "is that the people who have been coming into our offices daily over the past few weeks have their SNAP card stores saved in the computer systems at local grocery stores. So this is not a scam per se, but direct information theft. 

"From what we understand, there seems to be a ring of thieves targeting our groceries and possibly accessing the information through store workers who take the card information and spend it at different locations. We advise the community to immediately remove your card from the stores' computers and change your PIN."

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