Snapshot: Air Flow Dryer Vent Cleaning

Snapshot: Air Flow Dryer Vent Cleaning

By Yehudit Garmaise

     The US reports that at least 2,900 fires started as result of dryers that were not properly cleaned out, reported Duvid Nadel, who owns Air Flow Dryer Vent Cleaning, which provides a life-saving, 60 to 90-minute fire prevention service that Boro Parkers will not regret.

     In fact, Mr. Nadel said that although the numbers are probably higher because many fires go unreported, last year, dryer fires caused five deaths, more than 100 injuries, and approximately $35 million in property losses, proving the importance of hiring dryer vent cleaning services at least once a year, so they will not get clogged with lint, small pieces of laundry, or anything flammable that could, chas v’shalom, ignite.  

   Air Flow Dryer Vent Cleaning has found stuck in dryer vents, a wide variety of objects, such as masks, credit cards, bobby pins, socks, coins, and even birds’ nests.

    To prevent actual birds from flying into residents’ dryer vents, Mr. Nadel also installs bird guards that have holes that are large enough for lint to be expelled outward, but not so large that birds can fly into dryers.

     Even if dryers seem to be running fine, Mr. Nadel, who attended Krasna Talmud Torah and the Krasna Yeshiva, while growing up in Boro Park, recommends that residents get their dryers cleaned once a year to prevent them from taking longer and longer to dry clothing and to work efficiently.

     “What made you go into this particular business?” asked Heshy Rubinstein of BoroPark24.

     Mr. Nadel explained that he was inspired to launch his dryer vent cleaning business, not only because he saw a problem that needed to be solved, but because his parents, who own an appliance repair company, imparted him with the knowledge that regular maintenance services can prevent many future problems in home appliances.

    “People don’t realize how dangerous clogged dryer vents can be,” said Mr. Nadel, who explained that just a few weeks ago, he heard about five different dryer fires that took place in the same week in Boro Park and Williamsburg.

     “Baruch Hashem, the people who had the fires were home, were awake, smelled smoke, and therefore they were able to stop the fires from worsening, by stopping their dryers and by calling for help,” said Mr. Nadel, who started his business at the beginning of the year.

     “If no one is home, or if no one is awake when dryers, ovens, and gas ranges are on, however, then your apartment, your house, and your building is at risk of a fire.

     “Everyone can suffer from it.”

     Mr. Nadel, who serves every neighborhood in Brooklyn and beyond, said that he launched his business because “there's a big need for it, and of course, I chose it because Hashem pushed me into it,” he said. “Baruch Hashem, I'm very happy doing it, I'm happy to help people, and if anyone needs any help, please give us a call at (347) 871-0220. Or you can visit our website:

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